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Sell, Trade, or Consign Your Corvette or Other Specialty Vehicle




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Whether it's a Corvette or an RV, we take ALL vehicles on trade. Because many franchise dealers choose not to retail Corvettes themselves (particularly models more than a few years old), we will generally offer much higher trade values for them.

We also offer very competitive trade values on other vehicles.


Corvette Outright Purchasing

We also buy Corvettes outright -- just drive in with your Vette, and walk out with a check! It's that easy. We will buy ANY Corvette for the right price, and we'll typically pay more for it than any other dealer in the country. To make the most of your time, please fill out the Sell/Trade/Consign form above and wait for our response before coming in.

  1. Price - We will agree on a price that both parties find to be fair. 

  2. Title and Payoff - We will pay you on the spot if you have the title. If not, we can pay off what you owe, and write you a check for the difference.

Corvette and Other Specialty Vehicle Consignment

Our consignment program is ideal for those who want to get the most money for their rust-free Corvette, muscle car, or classic car, and do not need cash immediately.

    1. Safety and Convenience - You do not have to worry about having strangers come to your house to view or drive your vehicle.  We handle all of the hard work for you, and our facility is 100% secure with safety in mind. No missed appointments, waiting for potential customers, and no one trying to beat you up on the price for your car. Indoor showroom parking for your car is available by request, at no extra charge.

    2. Trades, Financing, and Transport - Because we can accept trades on anything that has wheels, floats, or wings, it opens up the market for your car. We have many lenders for our customers to choose from, and we work hard to get everyone financed. If it is not convenient for you to deliver your vehicle to our showroom, we can arrange transportation. Likewise, we provide transport for our sold cars as well, which opens up your vehicle to out of state and international buyers.

    3. Advertising - We advertise on our website and also,,,,, and several other Corvette-specific and classic car classified sites. We take extensive photographs of our vehicles for this purpose and also offer ACTUAL videos on our vehicles as well. Our cars are described in great detail that reassures buyers all over the world that what they are considering is what they will get. This includes rated condition of all applicable components, as well as numbers on all major decodable mechanical components on 1982 and older Corvettes. Due to our aggressive advertising and marketing, the vast majority of our consignments sell within the first 30 days.

    4. Consignment Fees - There is a one time consignment fee of $150.00. We will agree on the price you will get for your car, and then we will place a mark-up on the car to cover overhead and dealership profit. Any recommended repairs will be proposed to you after the inspection (typically within a week), or as soon as the problems become apparent so that we can collect the necessary payment.  The consignment agreement is binding for 60 days.

"I want to thank you for making the sale of my 63 Corvette so easy for me. I remember the day I dropped by to check out Buyavette and to see if I would want to place my vette on consignment there. I met with you and you answered all the questions I had. I was very impressed with you and the business and I knew I would be comfortable with leaving my car there.

The entire experience went smoothly...I really appreciated you keeping me informed throughout the process.

I would highly recommend Buyavette to anyone that wants to sell their vette but doesn’t want to do it themselves. Thank you and the team for making it happen!"

- Lois


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