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1964 Corvette Convertible


Hope all is well with you, and the staff at BAV. Just dropping you a note to tell you how great the 64 Convertible is, and how happy I am with it. You were 100% right about that car, and I am so glad you kept me from deviating. It runs just great. 5 mos of sitting in a cold garage, 1st turn of the key, bam starts right up, no smoke, no stalls, no fuss. Great car, have enjoyed every minute with it, and am so looking forward to driving it this season. Just wanted to wish you well, and thank you again for a fair deal, good fellowship, and really listening to your customer,…!

- Jon Manitta



Steve with his 2012 Grand Sport Convertible that he purchased from us.





The following note comes from one of our previous customers who lives in France, and got burned buying a car sight unseen from another dealer. A friendly reminder to always INspect what you EXpect!

"I'm in contact with "easy auto import" in Miami (they are French) the guy said to me he knows Ken from Buyavette, and he also said Buyavette have a good réputation..... I have pain to to sell the 59 I baught 4 months ago in Canada , found by an add in Hemmings, beautiful pictures , in the description :condition: excellent....and I received a trash (rusted frame, make up on the poor body and many mechanical problems) I join a picture of the rear frame for you....I loose 15 000 $ with the sale"


1959 Corvette NOT For Sale





I owe you a big “THANK YOU” for the 1996 Coupe you described and I bought basically sight-unseen back in February.

The car was delivered as promised on time and in great shape to my local mechanic. He called me after a close inspection to report his findings and his assessment of the car: “The car is very clean. All systems in good working order. Had only to replace an engine bay light.”

This car seems to have all the bells and whistles. My alignment guy reports this was the 1st ’96 Vette he’d seen with the LTPWS system. The remote access fob works better than the fob system on my new ’17 Subaru. Windows rise and drop with authority. Engine immediately jumps to life and passed emissions without a problem. Treads are meaty with many miles remaining. The F45 suspension system is a great option.

This is my first Corvette. Again, thank you and thank Mr. Rush for me too. Very happy."

- Ed and Peggy Hill



"Greg, Jack & Keith,

I wanted to take the time to write a letter to all of you about the outstanding service and help from Rick Engle I received. I recently purchased a 2007 Z51 3LT that is supercharged and is my first vette ever. I currently own a number of hot rods and custom trucks and motorcycles, but was looking to add a vette to my collection. I saw your add online and inquired. Rick responded back to me from my inquiry. He talked me through the car and answered all of my questions. Rick also went to bat for a price break as I felt doing my research that the price was a bit high. We agreed on an amount and I gave him $1000 on my card to put down prior to even seeing the car. I did this because of the trust and non-pressure in all of our dealings. We decided on a time to get together for me to come to Atlanta and look over the car with my busy schedule. Rick had to call me about 4 days prior to let me know an issue came up with the car and it would not be ready for me to view. I was disappointed to say the least, but never felt like I made a bad decision because Rick was very honest and upfront and I trusted him. Also your reputation as a company seemed to be rock solid as I did that research. However Rick was the determining factor again. Rick gave me another choice for a time at the earliest convenience but he would not be there, I declined and scheduled my time so he would be there. I did not want to engage with anyone else, my trust was with Rick and well placed! I did come up and met with Rick looked over the car and took a test drive with Kevin Kane. They were still working on the car to solve the issue. Kevin Kane answered a ton of my questions and put everything at ease. Kevin was outstanding on his knowledge help and overall support through the entire process. At this point every person I had talked to or met gave me a sense of ease and true support. The weekend I was there was a vette day where people brought all kinds of vettes to show and be a part of the group. I talked to numerous people who had nothing but great things to say about your organization, again a feeling of peace and comfort buying my first vette. Outstanding engagement in every way! Keith had called me a week or so later to let me know they were working on getting it shipped to me. Keith was outstanding as well and facilitated the papers I needed to sign explained the process and it was seamless. The person delivering the car was first rate and I could understand why Keith said this was a trusted guy for him. The hauler let me know that Keith asked him to take on this delivery prior to his vacation and he did to help Keith out which helped me out to get the car here. After purchasing the car and getting it here, Rick followed up multiple times and has sent me contacts and also trusted dealers you all work with for things I was looking for that I was unable to get direct from Buyavette. I know this is a lengthy email, but I wanted to show how outstanding this whole process has been and give credit to all of the people involved. People usually only write when they are disappointed or have a problem. I believe great effort should always be called out and acknowledged! Rick Engle is that great effort and continues to be! Every person to follow and support was outstanding as well. I look forward to a long relationship with Buyavette and wanted to personally say thank you to all of you and especially Rick for an outstanding experience buying my first vette. What you do not know is I lost my Mom in November and she was a car person like myself. To make the vette have a very personal meaning it was the first purchase I made after she passed and used a few dollars of the estate to make sure my Mom was tied into it all along the way. The amazing thing is you delivered the car on what would have been her 80th birthday! She would of loved the car, because of the looks, convertible and most of all the speed and torque. She was a unique women that could hold her own in any situation. I have included the picture in this email for the final tie to the car! She is 70yrs old in this picture! Thank you again and I wish you all continued success!!"

- Reese Lapka



Customer Testimonial


Click here to read Todd Baggett's story of finding the 1964 Corvette Convertible that his father purchased new! This car was sold by Buyavette in 2013.


1964 Corvette Convertible For Sale




"Having just retired after 30 years in law enforcement, I decided it was time to buy myself a retirement gift.  I have always loved Corvettes and spent quite some time browsing the internet.  I came across your website and was impressed at your inventory and the positive reviews I read.  I must say that I was rather nervous, having never purchased a car site unseen, over the internet, and from another country.  I was put in touch with Aaron who was more than helpful, he was always there to respond to my many questions, and assured me I would be happy.   I found the car that I wanted, and 1996 Torch Red Corvette and after a few weeks of going back and forth we agreed on a purchase price.  Being from Canada meant that we had to arrange shipping, and with the help of Aaron and shipper Bruce, (from Manhattan Transport) it all went smoothly.  Well a few weeks later my new car finally arrived. When I first saw it, I was impressed, it looked great.  Getting it back to Canada was easy, with the help of both US and Canada Customs officers.   I am thoroughly enjoying it what a great way to start my retirement.  I just want to say a big thanks to Aaron and the whole staff at Buyavette."

- Mike Vorshuk



2013 Corvette 60th Anniversary Z06


"Hey Michael,

I wanted to forward this picture of my 2013 60th anniversary Z06 FROM A RECENT CAR SHOW @ Pensacola Naval Air Station, home of the “Blue Angels”, we had a really nice time at this show , my wife & I had a professional photographer come out & take some photos for me, This car was bought from you guys back in Sept of 2015 from David, our sales guy, & we have really enjoyed owning this car, it generates a lot of conversation at car shows & we couldn’t be happier with our purchase. I wanted to send this to you to be considered for the “Vette of the week”, thank you Michael, you guys have a great day brother."

- Paul Hewitt



"Dear Greg,

It was a pleasure meeting you at your buyavette Corvette show last weekend. You are a gracious host making the event enjoyable. By the size of your participants and attendees it was clearly a success. Thank you again for celebrating our old Vette’s as well as the new ones!"

- Chris Henry



"I just want to say the experience was a great one. I'm on my phone so keeping I short. Greg, David was a professional on this deal. He accommodated all my needs and I want you to know that. You have a great operation and glad to have found you guys."

- Ralph Cincinelli



"Just bought my second vette from them. Great people, no pressure sales, selection is always of "better" corvette's. We worked with Phillip and he couldn't have been nicer. Even returned a call on his day off. The place is nearly a museum with perfect condition classic to current models you can sit in and walk around and touch. Go to a dealer if you want the crummy trade in they got, or take your chances with a private sale, or just come here and get a great car at a reasonable and fair price."




"Best car buying experience I've ever had. David and the rest of the staff treated us like family. I will definitely buy my next Vette here! I'm glad you are finally making improvements to the facility. I've been by several times just to look at the cars and I'm sure I'll be back soon. I'm always shopping for my next Corvette! "

- Josh Torres




"We bought a 1982 C3 Corvette on 5 Apr 2016 and picked it up on 13 Apr 2016. We drove it back to NC (150 miles) and noted the car was running rich and got to the point that it wouldn't idle. We got home and parked it in the garage overnight, got up the next day and the battery was dead. I replaced the battery, and the next day it was also dead. On 15 April 16 I advised Rick and Keith in sales of the situation and Keith told me they would fix the problems so on 16 April I took the car back to Atlanta turned it over to Kevin Kane the Service Mgr. After about a week or so Kevin called me and said the car was ready. The alternator and several other parts had to be replaced (shorting out) and tweeked the injection system . I picked the car up and drove it home, the car ran well and starts up every time now. Kevin and Davis explained the problems to me and was very helpful . Buyavette stand by their sales made repairs at no charge to me. Outstanding Customer Service."

- David B.



"Hello jimmy,

Just a quick note about your service dept. I have a 2001 corvette that needed a new hazard light switch. After calling all the local chevy dealers, I was told it took 2 hours or better to install a new one and it would cost $300. I then called your service dept and was told to come in the next day and it could be taken care of while I waited.. Well I only have an hour for lunch and work in Alpharetta. I came in at 10am and was greeted by Kevine Kane.. He took my keys and within 26 min. my car was done and was a total of 57 dollars.. You have a great service manager and even better mechanics.. You have got a new customer for life and will tell all my friends where to take theirs for great service. It’s a great thing in these times to see a quality company that could charge more money if they wanted,, but would rather have a satisfied customer for a long time instead. Congrats to you and your guys!"

- Jimmie Hughes









"Greetings Mr. Rush,

I'd like to compliment your staff (in particular, Jack Stanford) on my buying experience. I purchased a 1988 35th Anniversary Corvette from your dealership in September 2015. The buying experience was quick and without delay. One of the items that was agreed upon was the seats being re-dyed. I left the car (I live in Maryville, TN) to have the seats dyed. I received a phone call that the wrong dye was used on one of the seats and the dye would have to be re-ordered. I decided to pick the car up (since I had a car show to attend with it) and agreed I would bring it back when time allowed. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, this was almost impossible.

This morning I received a call from Jack Stanford, following up on my car and the dye. He explained that my salesman no longer worked there and that he would mail the dye to me. I thought I had been forgotten, but Mr. Stanford restored my faith that there are still some salesmen out there that are customer and service oriented. I was thoroughly impressed.

The 35th Anniversary car was the third Corvette I purchased from your dealership. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks again for a pleasurable buying experience. Have a happy and safe New Year."


- Chuck Ford Maryville, TN




It brought a smile to my face to see the “SOLD” on the listing of my car on’s website! I just want to thank you for all your help and for the lack of a high-pressure-used-car-salesman experience in dealing with you and the others at that I had the opportunity to interact with. You always explained what I asked and never seemed perturbed with my questions. I would highly recommend to anyone! I realize the car is yet to be picked up and delivered, but most of that is up to Adam to perform. I am remaining hopeful he and his driver will come through as promised, though I am not sure how picking it up three days later than planned will get it to me on the same day. Oh well, we’ll see…..

Again, thank you and best wishes to you in your enviable job of making people like me happy when selling us these wonderful cars!"


- Lance Andrewson




I just wanted to thank you, Kevin and the whole crew for finally fixing my car. I have been suffering for years with this lingering problem. Every so often my car just wouldn’t start. I’ve replaced multiple batteries and that would seem to work for a while. It was your great staff that I think has finally fixed it. Not only would my car not start, but the Nav system would go on and off. You may have fixed this as well…time will tell. 

With you and Kevin at the helm of the service department, I’m always going to bring my car back to you for any service.  I’m through having the dealership working on it." 

- Bob Warren



"Hello Jimmy, 

This is just a short note to wish you, your family and colleagues a very happy Christmas and a terrific new year. It is also, a very big thank you for all your help and support as I acquired my first Corvette. 

The car is going well although there is always something to do with it. I will need some spare parts over the coming months and maybe this is something you can help with. 

It is now summer and ideal for some open top driving. There is quite a large Chevrolet community here and an amazing number of older cars have been imported into Australia. Very few C1 and C2 Corvettes here but a lot of C3s. The registration requirements for cars over 25 years old were relaxed considerably and I think this is a big part of the reason together with a passion for American iron, especially the muscular variety. 

I’ve attached a couple of photos – the young lady is my younger daughter who has become very interested in the car and all the goes with it. 

Merry Christmas and I hope I will have another opportunity to meet with you again." 

- Rob Wilson


Rob Wilson's Corvette Photos Rob Wilson's Corvette Photos Rob Wilson's Corvette Photos



"In early October I started looking for a Grand Sport Corvette. There are a lot of used Vettes on the internet. I started looking at they had just the Grand Sport I was looking for. Its a 2010 torch red coupe. with a 3LT package. It even had the Corsa exhaust I wanted and only 12,025 miles.

I called buyavette and spoke to Yahn Hermstad. Yahn was very helpful, he volunteered to send me more pictures which he did. After several phone conversations we agreed on a price and a day I would pick up the Vette as I Live in Memphis.

I arrived Saturday morning, Yahn had the car ready all washed and waxed. He showed me around the dealership and introduced me to the owner. I took a test drive and they put the car on a lift so I could inspect the underneath. We then went to Yahns office where he had all the paper work ready to sign, this was a totally different car buying experience for me. I didn't have to talk to the sales mgr, finance mgr or the general mgr. This process took just over one hour.

If you are looking to buy a Corvette, you owe it to your self to shop at Buyavette and be sure to ask for my friend Yahn, he will take good care of you before and after the sale."

- Joe Sluder








"Hi Greg, 

I met you a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning while I was at Buyavette waiting to have some custom stereo work completed on a 1975 Convertible Corvette that I recently purchased from your company. I am so excited as tomorrow should be the day I finally get to pick up my vehicle and actually take it home. Sort of like waiting for Christmas morning as a kid. The delay has certainly not been your team’s fault as we have been dealing with the recent weather challenges, etc. In any event, I wanted to let you know that everyone on your team has been extremely cooperative and a pleasure to work with.  

John Ivankovich------Very informative and took so much time showing me the car and answering my questions. He is a great person for you to have out front representing Buyavette. 

Brett Piccolo---------Another super nice person that took the time to answer all of my purchasing questions even when I had to call back and ask some of the same things for a 2nd time. His tip on using Hagerty Insurance turned out to be a great idea as they have provided me much better insurance coverage at a better yearly rate because they specialize in classic cars.  He also told me about a monthly car show that I plan to attend with my wife Lori.        

Kevin Kane------------As with John and Brett, a terrific person and a great representative for Buyavette.  See a pattern here? Although Kevin is very busy, he repeatedly took the time to keep me updated on the status of my car repairs and I could tell he truly cares about each and every car in the shop.  

In the end, it was a pleasure doing business with your entire team, as they made me feel great about my purchase and I will have no problems recommending Buyavette to my friends.    

Hope to see you at future events and thank you."


-Randy Ittner


Thank you for taking my call. It was a pleasure to speak with someone so friendly over the phone. You don't know how rare that is. You treat folks like I treat my clients and I cant tell you how much I appreciate that. My wifes '74 is in need of a tune up and some TLC and I very much look forward to meeting with you to set up a time to bring it in. Your owners need to know how good you treat folks over the phone so please pass this along to them. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. Best regards."


- Anthony




I just wanted to thank you and your team at Buyavette Performance Center for my recent service experience. I was glad to find out that you were able to work on cars other than Corvettes. This is something that needs to be shared with the rest of the public. Your team was quick and efficient and did a great job. Thank you so much."


- Frank Beck




Just a quick note to let you know that I sincerely appreciate not only your time, but your counsel and advice of earlier today. As a repeat customer of Buyavette, it was quite evident that you and John truly had my best interests at heart. And, it is because of the experience I consistently have with you and folks like John Ivankovich, that I will only deal with Buyavette going forward. You truly have a first class operation, and I look forward to working with John on my next purchase, a C2! Thanks again."

- Jim McBrien



" Rick,

I just wanted to update you on the fuel gauge problem with my Z06.  I have talked with Mr. Kevin Kane and he has explained to me that it will take at least two (2) days to fix the problem.  Mr. Kane and I have decided that I will bring the car down after his and my vacations in July.  I will bring the car down on a Saturday and pick it up on the following Saturday.  It is a lot of trips from Kentucky to Atlanta for me, but since you are going to pick up the cost for the parts and labor, I am willing to make the trips. I think it speaks volumes for Buyavette's reputation to fix this problem for me, and please express my appreciation to your owner.  I will go out of my way to tell everyone I know that is interested in a Corvette that they will not go wrong in dealing with Rick Daniel and buying a Corvette from you at Buyavette.  You have been courteous, responsive and extremely helpful with the entire process from the time that I first contacted you concerning the purchase of a Corvette until completion of my purchase of the 2002 Z06 .  I could not have purchased my Corvette from a more outstanding company than Buyavette.

Thanks again for your help with the whole process."

- Tim Messer




Just wanted to close the loop.. Got the car back yesterday morning and all seems well...

Once again thanks for your assistance and going above and beyond...

You'll have a future customer next time I am ready to purchase again."

- Keith Carlascio



"...the broker with the shipping said you were a really nice guy and was really impressed. It feels funny to feel like a car dealer has gone out of their way to work with a customer as much as you and your shop have done for me. If all car dealers were like you guys, the industry wouldn’t have such a bad rap. I really appreciate your upfront honesty, integrity and the great customer service you guys have shown me. I will definitely talk you guys up to anyone who will listen to me and definitely refer you and your business to anyone who is looking to purchase a Vette. Best decision I made was calling you for a Vette."

- Rocky deButts




"Buying from internet could be a risk, but when I noticed the 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette C3 at the Buyavette website, I just had to try. This car, in this condition, just cannot be found here in Europe. Flying in from the Netherlands to Atlanta was not an option at that time (April 2012) so I made some phone calls with Brett Piccolo from BUYAVETTE. His friendliness and honesty made me continue. He even made a walkaround video to give me a better impression, which was certainly very welcome, being at some 4,500 miles away on the other side of the ocean. After this video, I made a few more phone-calls for some additional details. Brett was not certainly not "pushing", but just giving the needed details in a friendly manner. Not the typical secondhand car salesman. We came to a deal, the money was transferred up front (another risk...), and around end June the C3 arrived here in the Netherlands. Perfectly as planned. Like shipping a small parcel in the mail. After its arrival it was inspected for the Dutch law and one or two small things had to be altered in order to get its Dutch license plates. And now it drives around on the Dutch roads. All in all, the car was in exactly the condition as Brett described, even better maybe. It is indeed a 100% perfect car ! I have shown it to some Corvette experts here in the Netherlands and one in Germany, and all they can only say that this car is just perfect. All in all, It was super to deal with this company and Brett especially and I would do this again without hesitating ! It was a gamble at the beginning but it worked out to become a very smooth deal."

- André Wilderdijk, The Netherlands


1982 Corvette Collector Edition




"Lovin every minute in our Buyavette ride!"

- Barb and Frank



"My experience with Buyavette was totally positive…not one negative thing about it!  A young man named Jody Wardlaw was the person who worked with me throughout the entire process.  I probably made it an exceptionally lengthy process because I asked lots of questions and requested many things to reasonably assure myself that, because I was about to make a pretty significant expenditure “sight-unseen” (except photos), I was not making a big mistake. 

My many questions and requests generated countless emails and phone calls but despite all that, I never once sensed even a hint of frustration on Jody’s part, while there surely must have been some.  He was always most responsive and accommodating; right on top of things, and always with a friendly, personable, helping attitude.  He even called me one day when he was sick at home and could barely talk from bronchitis.  He didn’t need to…but he did!  He always made me feel very good and comfortable about doing business with this company.

So, for me, he was the “face” of Buyavette because except for a couple brief, casual conversations with one or two other Buyavette employees who took my calls while Jody was temporarily unavailable (who were also courteous and helpful), Jody was my only in-depth exposure to the company.  But, if I can assume that he represents the company in general, and if the others who work there are even half as good as Jody was with me, this is a good company to do business with…one that I believe wants to have happy, satisfied customers.

Thank you."

- Keith

(1964 Red Corvette Convertible 4-Speed 365hp)



"Yes, I am still in love with my "baby blue." In 1994, I was working for Reiman publications (photo journalist), I was in Greenville, SC on a photo shoot and drove past a huge Chevrolet dealership that had new Corvette's lined up ALL the way across the lot! Amongst them were the ADMIRAL BLUE ones, a color that I had NEVER seen before! Jody, I couldn't turn into that lot fast enough..I mean, I think I was on two wheels when I hit their driveway! I just had to "touch" one of those beautiful blue Corvettes! I fell in love right then and there...on that very spot. One of my co-workers took a picture of me standing beside one...and you wouldn't believe the look of pure joy on my face! ( I have kept that picture in a frame on my desk all of these years.) I told myself right then...I WILL OWN ONE OF THESE SOMEDAY. And, by took me awhile, but thanks to you, I have my beloved Admiral Blue Corvette. You wouldn't believe the pure joy and happiness I feel everytime I drive it! Hell, I don't even have to drive it...just to wash it and wax it up real good...makes me happy.

I know you might think it a mite strange for someone to love and cherish a car so much, but I can't help it...and I don't mind admitting it, either!

My dad had a 1963 split window Corvette when I was three years old...I still remember standing up in the passenger seat, peering over the curved dash to look out of the windshield.

I have owned several Corvettes in my lifetime, beginning with a Carolina blue 1978 , then a 1979 black , then a 1981 red , then a 1984 red, then a 1994 Teal green, then back to a 1992 quasar blue (the one I traded you)...but the only one I have TRULY been head over heels in love with is my '95 Admiral blue. It's the love of my life.

Thank you, Jody...for making that dream come true!"

- Dani Amick


3 Corvettes

Above: Paula and Bill of North Carolina's collection (2004 Commemorative Z06 and 1969 Fathom Green Coupe purchased from Buyavette)



"To the Buyavette folks, namely Jody, Jimmy, and John, you guys are super people that made another one of my dreams come true again. I really had my doubts after having a heart attack without health insurance that really messed up my credit, but you guys came through for me again. Jimmy, I don’t know how to put what you’ve made me feel into words, never had anyone (especially a car dealer, no pun intended) help me like you guys have done.

I still remember the first conversation I had with you over the phone about 6 or 7 years ago… I had a few hours to kill waiting on a load, saw your ad, and gave you a call. Jody, you told me to come on down and test drive one. You said “I’m not going to try to sell you a car”. I thought then well why would you want me to come over and drive one then, but I went over anyway, the whole time thinking I would kill the time this way. I even told you I don’t like cars, I’m a pick-up guy. You said (with a grin) yeah, you said that but pick out one or drive them all if I wanted to. After the first car I drove I knew why you had a grin telling me you wouldn’t try to sell me a Corvette. I bought the first one, fell in love, and had no idea that would ever happen! I’ve never cared for cars, only trucks. That car has changed my life, for the better, more than any one thing ever has. Every time I drive another Vette I want it, there simply is no comparison to other cars. I have driven a Viper and the Ford GT and they are not even close to a Corvette!!

Now on my 5th Corvette from Buyavette and I am still hooked and always will be. Jimmy, you have a wonderful staff there. I’m in my 50’s now and I have bought a lot of Trucks, Motorcycles, etc. and I have never met a staff such as yours, they are super guys! True the cars sell themselves but your guys put it all together and make it happen. I feel like family every time I call or come over. I can’t speak highly enough about Jody Wardlaw or your staff. Jody…. Well, the guy works magic and I don’t know how. Damn glad he does though! Thanks to you and your crew, I’ll drive Vettes till I die. Love you guys!!!"

- David Summers


"Jimmy, I was in the car business for 26 years, and Jody Wardlaw is one of the only Used Car Salesman that I would ever do business with. I have only done business with him over the last 10years,but completely trust his honesty and professionality. Dealing with Jody makes it a pleasure spending money......see that he gets a raise! Thanks for your time."

- Robert Eubanks


"Hi John......I just wanted to send you guys a special thank you for the wonderful experience I had purchasing my CSR Z06 from `'. Thank you for your patience and quick responses to my phone calls and emails. It was a little unsettling to buy such a expensive vehicle sight unseen, but everything went very smoothly. I especially like the fact that upon delivery, I noticed an item needed repair (that was not covered by warranty) which was taken car of in a timely manner at no cost to me. I am completly satisfied with my purchase and would not hesitate to do business with you again."

- Stephen Lowe
British Columbia, Canada


"Hi Jody,

Just wanted to let you know that the old girl ran perfectly for the 250 mile trip back to SC. I gave her a bath this morning and checked fluids. No oil usage at all. She was idling a bit rough so I shot some Gumout in the carb and that took care of it. There is a very slight catch in the steering at one spot so I checked the rag joint in the steering and looks like it's time to replace it - no big deal. Speaker in front of drive isn't playing but since all the others are working fine I suspect a loose wire, or the prior owner couldn't stand the noise in his face so he unplugged it. The drivers seat back seemed to lay too far back for me so I adjusted the seat back screws (which were not rusted or frozen!) and she sits just right now. Took her for a nice long drive this morning and she is very tight and solid. She reminds me of my old '60 Vette back in the day.

All in all, this was the right car from me. Gives me something to tinker with that I can understand.

Thanks for your help."

- John



Thank you greatly for these two extra videos you shot, they were very supportive physiologically; I did enlighten you I'm an extremist (head case) when it comes to my Corvettes/Rolex's. I genuinely appreciate the extra time you spent with me putting this deal together, like I expressed earlier, I never purchased a vehicle without physically being at the dealer. I must admit, I was very apprehensive at first but you made me feel very comfortable and relaxed with no pressure at all on your part. In my opinion, the two most important attributes a car sales person can have (especially when the buyer was never at the show-room) is candidness and being up-front with the customer during the entire process. They say that seeing is believing if the second part (delivery) is as pleasurable as the first part, I know I will be totally satisfied with my 1967 Rally Red Corvette Sting Ray Coupe."

- Gene DiGiacomo


"Mr. Almond, Thank you for your very reassuring phone call yesterday and your desire to correct the problems with my car. All too frequently, after the money has changed hands the buyer is left on his own with little or no recourse to problems that might be encountered after the car is delivered.

It is a pleasure to meet a man of integrity that stand firmly behind his word and his cars, and will go the "Extra Mile" to solve a customer problem, not often encountered, especially in the car industry.

As Kevin requested, I have contacted Tony at Crain Automotive, who will evaluate the brake and electrical system as well as the choke problem with the carburetor. I will provide Tony with Kevin's name and phone number so that he can discuss his findings directly with Kevin so that there will be "NO" surprises on the work that will need to be accomplished on the car.

If in the future you encounter any skeptics about your warranty policy, please refer them to me, because I couldn't be more pleased with your warranty policy and your efforts on my behalf."

- Timothy R. Wanke, LTC, U.S. Army Ret.



The coffee was always there while I waited for the car and the Ham was great. Greg was entertaining and Jody was so helpful and the shop was great. I would have had a Vette 2 months earlier but in September a storm in Pittsburgh cancelled all of my flights. Then on the 3rd of November a hurricane kept me from flying to Atlanta. I finally made it. When I was a young boy, the youngest of 9, with no father I said to my mother "I'm never going to go anywhere or have anything." She told me I could do and have anything I wanted if I worked hard. She was right, however she didn't tell me it would take me another 50 years to get my first Corvette. Thanks guys, it's great."

- Don Ruffing, 1998 Pewter Chevrolet Corvette


Don Ruffing's Corvette




"Good Morning Jody, I missed your call yesterday afternoon -- I was having too much fun enjoying the nice weather and cruising around with the top off! What a car! I've had a few performance cars in the past, mainly of the BMW brand and this car is hands down just more fun. I am amazed at how civil it can be around town but an absolute rocket when you want it to be. I also had low expectations as far as ride comfort -- again, my expectations were surpassed. I am completely satisfied with you and the Buyavette team. The car was represented properly, delivered on time and efficiently and all promises were kept. I enjoyed doing business with you and I will highly recommend that anybody in the market for a Corvette stop by to see you. Thanks Again!"

- Mark Tracy


Mark Tracy's Corvette




"I wanted a 2003 Anniversary Edition Corvette and Jody was a pleasure to deal with. We did almost the entire transaction via phone and Email. He was very responsive with all of my questions promptly. I enjoyed meeting with Jody to pick up the car. He will be my GO TO guy for all future deals!"

- Dennis Gilewski



"You ole rascal, thanks for the shirt. Ya'll did a nice job, it looks great. I'll either frame it or wear it. The Vette is wonderful. I even built a partially enclosed carport for it to keep it out of the weather. Every time I drive the Vette it's a special ocassion. Love it. Hope you and your family are doing well, Jody. Keep in touch. Thank the management for me."

- Buck


Buck's Corvette




"We drove up from Mobile, Alabama, Jackie and I (Chuck Woodruff) and were met with a friendly smile at in Atlanta. We got to Atlanta a day early as to do some shopping and not wanting to miss our appoinment with Scott Hartinger, our salesman. Scott and I had been talking via the internet about a Corrvette for a few months. We were treated with kindness and respect and were even introduced to the owners. This was a fantastic Corvette buying experience, with no high pressure and we were treated like VIP's. There was one little issue with the car, and Scott told us he wanted it perfect before we left. So, come to find out, we had to stay another night. picked up the tab for the motel, which was I thought a great gesture. I would highly recommend to anyone who's looking for America's number one sportscar. Go there and get treated with decency and respect, and get your dream Corvette. Thanks Scott, and all the staff. We are, and will be enjoying our Corvette for many, many, years."

- Chuck and Jackie Woodruff, new owners of a 1998 Red Corvette


Chuck and Jackie Woodruff's 1998 Corvette




"We just purchased a 1994 Corvette from David Ahn on Thursday. We appreciate the professional handling of the purchase. We also appreciate the handling of the small problem that we had Monday. We will recomend your organization."

- Doug and Shelley Evans


"Thank you for a smooth transaction. I enjoyed meeting you and found dealing with you and your company to be a pleasant experience. Everything was handled professionally, fairly and in a timely way. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to do business again sometime. Thanks again."

- Terry



Remember me???? Just a note to let you know I entered my 1967 Maroon 427ci. 400hp. Corvette (that I purchased from you) in a local ALL CORVETTE show--- I won "BEST OF CLASS" Competition was not a problem BUT----I also won "BEST OF SHOW---all years of Vettes..THAT was a shock.... I had a problem with a leaking Fuel Pump early on with the car, after replacing it, I now use NO ETHANOL 92 Octane fuel which I am sure will be better for the fuel pump (and the car)...NO---ETHANOL.. We have two gas stations in Grants Pass, Ore. that are exempt from the 10 % ethanol law..I believe it is because of the RIVER BOAT TOURISTS trade on the Rogue River.. BUT IT's $3.699 per Gal..Good thing I am not driving it every day.. It is dealers like you that contribute to the confidence of buying an expensive car site-unseen. and making the process as pleasant as possible considering the risks.. I am also pleased with the advice and suggestions I have received from Tom B. (the previous owner) on maintenance on a car that needs a different kind than new cars."

-Tom Del Corso

Our Reply to Mr. Del Corso:

"Tom, I really like that you have taken the time to communicate back to us. It is customers like you that makes this business so much fun. Congratulations on your show awards. We are leaning every day how damaging Ethanol is to older vehicles, and now not-so-old vehicles. Ethanol is almost like leaving water in the fuel lines and components. Ethanol apparently starts oxidation the of metal that causes issues with fuel pumps, sending units, fuel injectors, and carburetors. I guess car manufacturers need to go to plastic parts for everything or stainless steel parts to prevent damage caused by Ethanol. Thank you and looking forward to your reply"

- Greg Rush, CEO



I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time you spent with me making sure I found the right Corvette for me. From the minute we met and you walked me around the service facility and then the adjacent indoor showroom, I knew I would be buying a Corvette from you. We drove many corvettes and I couldn’t let the red convertible get away. We discussed a few things that I wanted to be taken care of and we decided that I could pick the car up in a couple of days. When I arrived the car was sparkling in the front of the building and everything we discussed was completed above my expectations. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team and I look forward to a long lasting relationship. Thank you for making a very special day more pleasant than I ever imagined."

- Bryan Beard

2001 Torch Red C5 Convertible



Thank you soooo much. I love my new vette. You made a life dream come true. I feel like I am 18 again. I am sorry for all the calls. Roy was great when he pulled up to deliver the the car to me. Trudy and I went to show it off to all my family and friends. I already joined a Corvette club. No one has seen a 1982 C3 with the low mileage. They were all impressed with the car and its great condition. I look forward to showing it off in the Corvette show in September in Nashville. Thanks again to your company and all you guys did to get me the car of my dreams."

- Bob and Trudy Slone



Thank you so much for the hospitality you showed me and my family when we went to the lot today. I figured we had gotten there late, and I assumed I would walk around the lot and go home. However, I was pleasantly surprised by you coming out and greeting us--especially our boys--and making us feel at home. The tour was awesome. Seeing the classic Vettes was not an everyday event! I have been looking at Vettes for the past two years now, and my local dealership had me sold until now. Whether I purchase one in the very near future, or wait just a little while longer, I WILL be purchasing my Vette from you. Too many car dealerships forget how effective customer service really is. So please forward this to whoever the owner/manager is and let them know try now have a customer in Wilmington, NC. Thanks again. We'll be talking soon."

- Jerry L. Oates


"Jody and John,

I can only say that this was the best experience I have ever had in purchasing a vehicle! Coming from Colorado, we had no idea what to expect but were extremely pleased at the treatment that we received. To be offered a Hotel Room overnight to make repairs is unheard of in normal dealings. I can say that I would recommend your dealership to all our members in our Corvette Club. Please use me as a reference for your company anytime. Thank you for being a quality and caring company."

- Lauren Nelson



Brett and I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to you and everyone at BuyAVette.Net for making our dream of becoming Corvette owners a reality. Your customer service far exceeded our expectations and your committment to ensuring everything was perfect before we left was exceptional. We could not be any happier with our Vette. I don't think the grin has been wiped off our faces yet! We look forward to future dealings with you and will not hesitate to send referrals your way! Have a great day!"

- Kim & Brett Chappell Huntsville, AL

2005 Velocity Yellow Corvette


"Hello Lonnie,

I have a grin that will not go away. I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself, Jimmy, and the Buyavette team for the exceptional service and guidance provided throughout the sales process. Your patience, knowledge and advice ensured I made the correct decision in the purchase of this beautiful piece of American automotive history. The car has exceeded my expectations in both structural integrity and quality. Indeed may I add that she started on the first attempt following her five week journey to Australia. I have absolutely no hesitation in reccomending the services of Buyavette to anyone looking to purchace a high quality Corvette. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future. "

- Savvas Aidonopoulos




Savvas's 1969 Corvette Convertible



"Hello again Lonnie,

The funny looking guy with the skinny legs is me (I should have worn long pants) LOL... PS I love the car. I will be needing your advice soon, as I intend to service her (i.e tune up etc). We shall speak soon."

- Savvas


Savvas's 1969 Corvette Convertible




I wanted to take a moment to compliment David Ahn on my buying experience Saturday. What a great guy and wonderful representative for your dealership. He made the buying experience an enjoyment for my wife and myself. He even tolerated my pickiness about the car I was looking for. He showed great professionalism and patience with me. Buying a Vette is not comparable to a standard car purchase. And David went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and taken care of. I would not hesitate to recommend him and your business to any friends or acquaintances when they are looking for a nice Corvette. Please thank him for me and my wife. Loving my 2001 convertible!"

- Robin Sargent



I just wanted to tell you thank you for what you said to my dad last week. My dad is Phillip Pope and he came and got the Blue Z06 on Saturday. He traded the red corvette in on the Blue Z06. Well he looked at this car for me when he was over there on Saturday. I do not know if you remember but when I met you at the Corvette show a month ago I told you that I would buy my Corvette from you. I came and bought the above corvette from Jason on Sunday. I just wanted to tell you thank you and I love the car."

- Mark Pope



It was delightful meeting you and the team at Buyavette. I had an enjoyable experience and it has been great meeting you, Jody, Kevin, Eric, Greg and Jerry and James at Vette Parts Plus and everybody else I met at the Dealership. Thanks to all of you! And your guys Jody, Kevin and Eric are still helping me concerning my "new" Corvette getting little issues cleared up. All of you are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, interested, helpful and - parenthetcally if I keep on going with the kudos I'll run out of space.

I must say it all started for me with Jody. From Pre-Sale through Post-Sale Jody was, and is, there professionally and "right-on" all the way.

Jody, "you 'da man", (the "right" guy at the "right" time for me) and I'm a new member of the Buyavette Fan Club. Jody made the difference "in just buying a Corvette" and "an enjoyable process finding and buying the "right Corvette" for me. Thank you Jody; I mean it, thank you. And it's fun.

And if the Used Corvette Factory delivers to you another automatic late model yellow convertible with a tan top like the one sold the day I bought mine, Jody might just have to take mine back on trade-in for an upgrade in fun and enjoyment. Wow!

You guys have an excellent team working toward the common goal of customer satisfaction among others, and you can prove it by me."

- Buck Blum



As you may know from our initial conversation, I have always been a Mustang person ever since my Dad bought me a new 1966 GT Mustang when I was in College. I must admit that I, like many other your guys back in the '60's, always loved the styling of the Corvette, but was never able to own one. Now that I am retired and in my early 60's I thought it was time to consider buying one of the beautiful C3 Corvettes to enjoy in my later life. I found your web site through a computer search and was pleasantly surprised to learn about all of the fine Corvettes that you had in stock. You were my initial contact at the store, Buy-a-Vette, and from our first conversations you were most professional and willing to answer any and all questions, and there were many, that I had in finding that perfect car for me. I want to express to you my appreciation in the way you conducted business and how friendly you were during the complete buying process. I will be sending you a recent photo of me with my new '79 Corvette that you can do with as you like. Again, let me thank you for the excellent experience in the purchase my new car."

- Russell Pratt, Bahama, NC


"Hello Jimmy,

I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate Buyavette. You, John, and Kevin have been so helpful to me from the initial time of purchase, to important and informative information about my car, to service advice. I assure you I would never consider purchasing another Corvette from any other dealer or having any other dealer take care of my Corvette. This was my third time dealing with Buyavette and I will certainly be back! I have owned a couple of ''70's, a couple of '80's, a couple of 90's, and now the 2005 Vette. I am enjoying this 2005 as much as I did my very first Vette which was a 1975. I tell my friends and co-workers the truth...The thrill of a Corvette is still alive and so is the pleasure of dealing with Buyavette."

- James Guthrie



AWSUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! The Vette Looks Fabulous! For Ever Thanks to you Guys! You have made my dream come true."

- Mike


1968 Corvette Convertible





"My son and I first went to Hendrick Chevrolet to see a Corvette that we had pulled up online. As soon as Matt started asking questions, the salesman left and got the manager. NO SALE! Jody Wardlaw was respectful and accommodating from beginning to end. He was not intimidated by Matt’s questions, and even welcomed them. It only served to increase my confidence in what he told us. Jody was professional and worked above expectations, especially in regards to helping me secure financing. I hope you give him a Bonus! Thanks for a “Once in a Lifetime” experience. My husband hasn’t been seen since I gave him the keys to the 2003 Electron Blue Z06 (It was his 65th Birthday Present)!"

- D. Leetch


2003 Corvette Z06




"Hello Jimmy,

Lawanna Bales and myself recently purchased the white 2001 Lingenfelter from your company. We wanted to pass on that we had a very pleasant car buying experience with Scott Hartinger. We found him to be very knowledgeable and professional in every aspect throughout our purchase. We certainly look forward to taking back the most beautiful corvette in the world, (J), for all of our maintenance needs. Thanks again for all the great service we encountered."

- Sally Anne C. Zangger


"Once again, I would like to thank you for the extraordinary treatment (and customer service) in handling my transaction. As I told you before I left the other day, having owned a “service” business for many years, one of the nicest compliments one can receive is referral business. Whether you and Wayne get together or not, I will gladly refer any of my friends to you and Buyavette, Inc. in the future."

- Bud


"Dear Jimmy,

First of all "what a great car"! I am very pleased with it!! But most of all I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was doing business with your company. Jody Wardlaw showed not only his knowledge and expertise with the Corvette's on your lot, but showed the professional "NO HASSLE" salesmanship that some large brand name dealerships could learn from your company. You have made a life long customer out of me and everyone that I know and see I tell them you have to go to for your next car. You should be very proud of your organization. If any of your customers ever need a reference, please have them call me."

- Rick & Carol Schneider Lawrenceville, GA






"Mr. Almond,

My name is Darrell McKaig, and my wife Renee and I recently purchased a 2005 Corvette from your company, and most specifically, Jody Wardlaw. I felt compelled to send this e-mail to let you know what courteous service we were given by Jody and rest of the staff that we came in contact with. We drove down from Chattanooga, TN on 08 August to look at the car that we ultimately purchased, as well as a couple of others. That particular day was extremely hot, and not only was Jody very knowledgeable, he also made sure that we did not run out of cold water while we looked. Having been in sales and sales management for many years, I am probably more critical of others in sales than my wife or other folks, and I can honestly say that Jody was professional in every way. He was not “pushy”, but yet allowed us to make up our own minds with the facts that he readily provided for us. Would we do business again with your company and Jody? You betcha! To prove that point to a greater degree, my wife and I have already recommended and Jody to a number of our friends and co-workers who are interested in Corvettes."

- Darrell McKaig


The McKaig's 2005 Corvette





Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into this sale. I have owned many vehicles and dealt with many auto dealerships, but without a doubt, this was the most pleasurable experience I have ever had during the 30+ years that I have been purchasing vechicles from new and used car dealerships. Also, this is the first time I have ever had a dedalership go to the lengths that you did to obtain the lowest interest rate possible for my purchase. The only difficulty I had with BUY A VETTE was having to make a decision on which vehicle to purchase. With so many quality vehicles, I really did feel like the proverbial "kid in a candy store" forced with having to make a choice."


"Hi Jim Almond, and Jason Pirkle,

I just wanted to stop to tell you how wonderful I like the 2004 Torch Red convertible you sold to me, I'm more that happy to have found the car I purchased for you, It is a real eye catcher, and I'm enjoying it more than I expected. I drove the car over 700 miles coming home and I was as comfortable as sitting in the recliner watching the TV. I also want to Thank You and your employee's for the great hospitality, and showing me around. I'm always watching for another deal on a Corvette, so keep in touch. Thanks Again, from a loyal customer."

- Kenny Roddick



I just wanted to drop you an email to express my appreciation for the patience and professionalism shown to me and my family Saturday, April 18th. I’m sure you are aware we decide to purchase the 1971 red on red Corvette. I also want to express to you the pleasure it was working with Dave Metcalf. I had several items I needed corrected on the Corvette and I also wanted it delivered rather than driving or hauling it to Mississippi. Dave has emailed me or called me almost daily, even on his day off, just to keep me updated in the gasket replacement, the installation of a luggage rack and even the purchase of seat covers and a car cover from Last Detail. I told my wife that I have never worked with a car salesman quite like Dave. Most salesmen’s attitude is to make the sale and then see you later, but Dave has worked harder after the sale than during the sale. He has just emailed me photos of the car after cleaning and of the luggage rack. This kind of service is not experienced very often. I tell all my buddies the way I was treated and who knows they or even I may purchase a Corvette from you again."

- Glenn Myers



Just wanted to drop you a line to say, WOW!. I am very very pleased with  my 2003 red convertible.
It is great. It performs well and turns some heads too, but that isn't what I'm WOWing about. You guys have raised the bar in the car buying experience. Like I said when I first contacted you, I  picked you out because of all the aving reviews of your customer service on your testimonials page. I was not disappointed. You were great. You took us on the tour of the place, answered all of our questions, no matter how silly, and were a wealth of info on Corvettes. You also went the extra mile in helping me with the financing, even when Capital One's computers went down. I can honestly say that I will hold you guys up as the gold standard,  every time I purchase a car in the future. But don't worry, I'll be coming back  to American Sports Car Center for all of my future Corvette purchases. And my brother-in-law, Stephen, will be coming back also. He was equally  impressed. Thanks."

- Paul W. Bright Jr. Savannah, Georgia






"Mr. Almond,

I want you to know that you have a very happy "new" customer over here in southwest Mississippi! I found your company through web links on the internet and saw three cars I was very interested in. I really wanted to get a mid- nineties Vette.  I read the testimonials and decided from that information to contact Jody Wardlaw.   Jody was as enthused as I was and helped me with his knowledge, experience, and plenty of pictures.  I felt comfortable working with Jody. He did not steer me wrong. The car I bought was not the one that got most of my attention at the beginning. But was it ever the rightone!! Jody and I decided the Admiral Blue '94 with gray interior wouldbe the car for me. He said it was FINE and I would NOT be disappointed. The deal was done and my car was picked up Sunday March 3rd anddelivered to me that night about 11:00p.m. I guess my wife and I had looked at the pictures of the car a hundred times, maybe more, and paced the floor 'till the carpet was nearly worn out waiting for our "new" Vette to get here. I was not prepared for what rolled into sight in the soft glow of my garage and porch lights. There it was....the most stunning and beautiful Corvette I could ever have imagined. A thousand times more beautiful than the pictures on the website! I got to bed at 3:00a.m. Jody gave this car a two thumbs up, really fine, super nice, "You'lllove it" rating. It's all that and more. A stunning exterior andinterior. Looks like it could have rolled out of Bowling Green a month ago. Just gorgeous! And a dream to drive. Thank you American Sportscar Center! And thank you Jody! A very happy customer."

- Ray Kohn,  McComb, Ms.



Thanks for the "GREAT" job you did in finding "just the perfect car" I had been looking for. Your professionalism is unmatched.  I left your dealership considering you a new friend, instead of having the feeling I had just been sold a car.  If you ever need a reference, please feel free to call me. Again, appreciate your fforts." 

- Paul Callaway

"Hello Mr. Almond,

My name is Tommy Stockton & we spoke last week when I called for Jason. You gave me his cell# & told me he was at the barber shop. Anyway I got my 2002 Z06 delivered last night & could not be happier. The car is even more beautiful that I could have imagined. All my friends are jealous. I must commend Jason as he was very friendly, helpful & most of all, honest. As I told him I really like the way your company does business. No high pressure, only help, guidance & honesty. I have already given your website to several of my friends who might be interested. Here's hoping you get more business from Texas. Sign me one satisfied customer. Have a Safe Day."

- Tommy Stockton

Our Reply to Mr. Stockton:

"Tommy, we get many compliments, but yours has gotten my attention. I am sending you a free Corvette cover for your Vette as a token of appreciation of kind words. 

The custom Corvette car cover will come from The Last Detail, which is located in our building. They have available just about every possible product for your Vette. You can view their website by going to ours and clicking on "Parts and Service". Mark Carnes is the owner and I will pass on to him the order for a Corvette custom car cover. Thank you again for your trust and kind words."

- Greg Greg Rush, CEO

Mr. Stockton's reply to our follow-up:

"WOW Greg, that is not something I expected, but it is surely appreciated. I was just telling my story as it happened. Thank you so much for the Cover. It will be put to good use. I will also look over the other parts on the web site as I will be looking for other little goodies to make my Vette even more special, if that is possible. This is just more proof of your great establishment, employees & the warranted trust I put in all of you. Thanks again."

- Tommy Stockton

"Hi Jimmy,

I had my 69 in to get headers installed.  Just wanted to let you know that Kevin and his team did excellent work.  The car is running great without the smog pump and AIR system.  Kevin did a great job of calling me ever week to let me know the status on the car.  He also worked with Mark next door to coordinate getting the Clarion radio and speakers installed, which is appreciated.  When I picked the car up, he put it on the lift so I could see the work that was done. Good customer service is hard to find these days.  It is always a pleasant experience at your shop."

- Brent Miller


I tried to call you on Monday, 19 Jan 09, but you were out. I spoke with the general manager to let him know the 73 Vette was delivered on Sunday, the 18th. I gave the driver a very good tip for delivering it in 5 days safely. I called to let you know how happy I am with the car. Below is a testimonial you can post: To Jason Pirkle American Sportscar Center I want to let you know how please I am after purchasing my new 73 L-82 convertible corvette through your web site. It got here in 5 days instead of 2 weeks. I told my son to listen when we started it up – that’s how a car is supposed to sound! I appreciate all you did, including providing a list of items to fix up in order to bring it back to original condition. It definitely is a head turner and I enjoy the hell out it. I plan on ordering my corvettes from you in the future 'sight unseen'."

- Robert

"Dear Jimmy,

I would just like to let you know what a great experience I had dealing with Jack Gentle of your staff.  I recently purchased a 2001 Corvette Convertible.  Jack was my salesman.  He went above and beyond what was expected from a car salesman.

I have never had such a good experience when purchasing a vehicle.  I am from Louisiana, and had to fly to Atlanta to purchase the car.  He gave me directions for MARTA, and was there waiting for me when I arrived.  This type of service is unheard of.  He is to be commended, as well as your entire dealership. Most used car salesmen have the reputation of being less than truthful, but from my first interaction with Jack via telephone, to the last time I shook his hand when I left the dealership, I could sense his honesty and integrity.  I had been doing a lot of traveling and the trip from Atlanta back to Louisiana was the last leg of a very long journey.  Jack contacted me by phone from very early in the morning to the late evening hours to ensure that I was safe and not having any problems.  Jimmy, that is not a salesman, that's a friend.  My own wife didn't do that, and I keep a roof over her head.  Jack even gave me directions and told me of a good place to spend the night in Forest, Mississippi.  You just don't find those types of people anywhere. Again, many thanks for having such a fine person on your staff, and also, for giving me such a fine experience buying a vehicle.  I plan to be back when I am ready for my next Vette."

- Jim & Sonya Wood Pineville, LA

"To Dave (the walking Corvette dictionary) Metcalf,

I apologize for being a little tardy with my testimonial. My plate has been full.  In all my years of car/truck buying, I never had a more enjoyable experience. I was treated with respect, and consideration. ( which does not happen much anymore).  I was given the cooks tour, and enjoyed it.  American Sports Car Center, did not have exactly what I wanted. Dave Metcalf, told me to give a little time, and he would find it! 3- 4 weeks BINGO!!  Exactly  what I wanted,  And LOW miles.  A 99 C5 coupe, 6 speed, I would recommend these guys to everybody. If new car dealers operated this way, they would sell a lot more cars and trucks.  I really like the seminar, too.   I will attend the next one!!  Thanks Dave!!"

- Larry Rader, Happy Corvette owner


"Dear Jason, 

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for all your help. After 26 years of dreaming I finally got my vette. I bought the 1988 black on tan convertible and I could not be happier. My dad bought a 1978 corvette when I was 12 years old and I loved vettes from the first ride with him. The vette I got from you I hope to make the same memories with my kids in. I would like to tell everyone that reads this that the cars you sell are top notch. To go and by a 20 year old car and get a warranty with it how could you not get one. The sales team at ASC is the best. Your sales team and you won my wife over and made this all possible for me. If not for ASC I would be still dreaming of getting a vette. Now I get up in the morning and my dream is in the driveway totally cool. Also you and the sales team at ASC are as crazy about vettes as those of us that want to buy one. If anyone reading this is thinking of getting a Corvette this is the place to buy it. I drive my vette everyday you cant miss me I am the guy with a smile so big I had to put the top down. Thanks again for all your help."

- Chris Bohn


"Dear Jack,

Thanks for making my buying experience so enjoyable. I have purchased many vehicles in the past, but never as easy as the 96 Collectors Edition I just purchased from you. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant trying to buy a car over the internet. However, after visiting your Dealership you have won me over. I found that the pictures on your website truly represent the vehicles you have. I have looked at many Vette's over the past couple of years and your Dealership has the best looking Vette's around. I couldn't believe I got 29 mpg on the way back to Alabama. I also appreciate you getting back to me as quickly as you did even after the sale when I got to my local tag office and had a problem. I highly recommend this Dealership to anybody looking for a quality Corvette. I didn't feel pressured at any time. Thank you Jack Gentle for all your help in making my first Corvette purchase so hassle free. You will definitely have my repeat business when I'm looking for my next Corvette."

- Caray Kemp



Thanks so much for a truly painless and easy car transaction. I will definitely return when I get ready to buy another car! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

- Art


"Dear Jimmy,

You recently sent me a survey to fill out. I did not find it adequate to say what I want. I have been buying Corvettes from your dealership since almost the beginning. The purchase of my 2005 Convertible is my 4th Corvette purchase. I have always been satisfied and that is why I purchased this car. Jack Gentle was exactly what his name says; that is, "gentle". At no time did I feel pressured or cornered. I tend to "vote" with my checkbook and that is what I did when I purchased the car. You and Greg Rush have always been the same. I had looked at Greg's cars for a long time before I bought my first one. This time was an had the exact car of my dreams and it went home with me. As I explained, when I was in the hospital with prostate cancer, I promised myself that if I came out healthy I would treat myself to a new Corvette. A 2005 in what I call my color (Daytona Sunset Orange) with all the goodies I could conceive and only 6800 careful miles was as close to brand new as I could conceive in my mind. So in a nutshell, I am way more than pleased with my purchase. Every time I turn the engine on and slide the shifter into first gear the entire car reinforces my decision to buy my Corvette from your dealership."

- Andy


"Joshua: You do a terrific job on the web-site test drives.  I really enjoy them.  Hope to see a lot more of them.  Keep up the good work!"

- James Holloway

"On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, September 1, 2007, my wife and I along with a couple of friends arrived at Atlanta Sportscar Center.  The first person we met was Jody Wardlaw.  After introducing himself and telling us how to navigate the inventory, he turned us loose to tour the entire facility.  I have never seen so many beautiful Corvettes in one place.  As you can probably guess, we located the perfect one, a 1998 Torch Red Coupe.  After a couple of test drives, we knew we couldn’t leave without it.  Jody handled the transaction in a professional, courteous manner, while keeping us in stitches most of the time.  We also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Jimmy Almond, and he added to the pleasure of our purchase.  To close, I don’t think I have stopped smiling since that day.  There is just something about a red Corvette. Thanks to everyone at ASC."  

- Danny Floyd




"Dear Jimmy Almond, Jason Pirkle, and Jack Stanford, 

I cannot sing your praises far or loud enough.  As you know, and I guess once in awhile things just happen, my 92 roadster had a transmission  problem almost immediately after I bought it.  When I got back to TN I called you guys and informed you of "some kind" of a terrible vibration/shimmy problem at medium to higher speeds, under specific conditions.....a problem that surely couldn't be tested for, but rather would have had to be found under lengthy and specific driving conditions.  With barely a word; no fussing;  no haggling; you guys had a hauler here (it could have been driven easily enough) , and it was on the way back to Atlanta to be repaired. Not only did you replace the torque converter, thereby taking care of the transmission problem. but you took care of a few minor things that I just asked you  if you would do for at no cost to me.   I cannot thank you enough for showing me why American Sportscar Center is unquestionly the Corvette dealer of the world!!  It is beyond a delight to be able to do business with a company who really, really cares about its customers.....I'm living proof!!!  Yeah, I've sure missed the car since its been gone; but that just goes to show you how much I was enjoying it before the car hauler showed up to get it back to you so you could get it back to me. My most sincere thanks gentlemen.  You are truly a first class operation!!!!!!"

- Monte Pepperell, Fairfield Glade, TN




"Dear Jack,

We have to thank you for the best car buying experience We’ve ever had. Living in Houston, we had many reservations about traveling to Atlanta to buy a car we had never seen nor driven, not to mention the mount we were looking to invest in a quality car.  We had been researching classic vettes for almost 2 years, and had seen over 50+ cars in the flesh all over Texas, however the selection and quality of the vettes at American Sportscar Center made me realize how much time I had wasted. We were after an investment quality, chrome bumper vette along with a big list of other requirements that had to be met. You did not waste my time with cars that didn’t fit the bill, nor try to direct me to other models just because you didn’t have what I wanted in stock right there & then. I have to say that your responsiveness, knowledge and patience with our questions (not to mention the 200+ photographs) really brought the car to life for us and was key in spending the time and effort to fly out and see you. I’ve never had a salesman talk me through a 15 mile test drive, with second by second commentary – even when things weren’t perfect on the car you pointed them out & committed to fixing them prior to delivery.

WOW! Even when we were there to pick up the car, knowing that we intended to drive it home, it was refreshing to see that you had the car on the lift, inspected it and replaced several key items (new radiator, U-joints, door latch handle) that would have stranded us on the way home – all at no additional cost. We put 1000 miles on our new baby (’71 coupe), all the way from “Hotlanta” through “Floribama”, into N'Orleans and then home to Houston. She did not miss a beat & I had several offers to buy her on the way home. All I can say is that if you are looking for an honest price on a quality vintage vette, and service that is 2nd to none…. don’t waste your time with anyone else – see American Sports Car Center and talk to Jack!"

- Sven & Angele Grone




"The term “salesman” conjures up a negative response from many people. This is due to the failure of the few who did not put the interests, needs and desires of the client ahead of their own. I have been in the insurance business for nearly 45 years and know a true salesperson when I work with one. Jody Wardlaw is a true salesman in the finest sense and beyond that he knows his business.  I wanted a Corvette and thought I knew what I was going to buy. However, Jody did his job and directed me to the Corvette which pleases me much more than the one I had first envisioned purchasing. He is patient and responsive to questions from the uneducated, newly infected Corvette fan.  I am very pleased with my special ’87, it is one of only 87 produced with that color. However, I get the feeling that I’ll be back to see Jody sometime in the future to trade up or add on. I am already looking forward to the experience. Thanks Jody!  Special kudos to Jack Stanford Jr. for an excellent website and many thanks to the good folks in the service area who put the finishing touches on my Bronze Beauty."

- Jay A. Riemersma, Atlanta






Just read the ASC tribute article in the current issue of Corvette Fever magazine.  You guys certainly deserve the high praise they gave you.  The pictures bring back a lot of good memories of my trip over and the buying experience. Hope the article helps sales, and you continue to sell a lot of Corvettes."

- James Holloway



Driving that Vette home Saturday morning was just a blast. Great ride, great look, and SUPER POWER! I am more than pleased… It has been a boyhood dream to own a 1980 Corvette and you have helped me see that dream come true. Your knowledge, honesty, and personality are first rate and a rare thing to find in the car business. It was indeed a pleasure visiting and purchasing a Corvette from BUYAVETTE.NET, everyone there truly understands the spirit of the Vette and what it means to own one. Thanks for going the extra mile making sure it would not only get me 5 hours home, but that it also did it safely. Thanks again for all your help!"

- Roger D Berry Crestview, Fl.



Everything is great with the Corvette. No problems & got the thumbs up from my wife & youngest son when we got home. Wanted to thank you again for everything. Usually I leave a car dealer, whether I buy or not, with a headache. This was an enjoyable, stress free experience. I certainly will not hesitate to deal with you again, well worth the drive. Once again thanks for everything."

- Greg Jaquier


"Hi Jimmy,

I just bought a 1989 White Convertible from Jody.   He is a great guy and I would like to say that I think he is a valuable asset to your company.   He is very professional and knowledgeable.   He went out of his way to help me and was very kind.   He was very up front and honest and that's something that is hard to find these days.   The car he described to me is as nice or better than he said.   I was going to have the car delivered but decided to drive down there and see your company.   I was very impressed with every thing from the cars to the friendly people.   I drove the car 10 hours back home to Virginia with out a minute's problem.   I have wanted a convertible Vette for 32 years and Jody made my dream come true. I would like to say many thanks to Jody and the staff at American Sportscar Center.   You guys are the best."

- Clinton Sample

Update: "Jody, I know you're busy. I just wanted to drop a line and tell you about my Vette. On the way home I got 25.7 mpg and around town I get 17.3. This is the best car I ever had. On the way back home, I got stopped in a detour. While I was setting there, some guy was on his cell phone telling someone that there was a 5.7 with the top down beside him and it was sweet. Well, I am glad the top was down because my head got bigger! My youngest daughter called the other night and asked if I was picking up chicks in the Vette. I told her that I didn't need a chick, I had my vette. I then went on to tell her that the night before I had stayed up till 12.30am rubbing her down with some good wax and then put her to bed in the garage. She laughed and said I was crazy (maybe, but so what). Anyway I'm on the 5th tank of gas and loving every minute. I have'nt found one thing that I don't like about it. Thanks for all you have done, and for helping me with my dream of owning a convertible (glad I didn't settle for a Targa Top car. I will write you from time to time. signed.........somewhere on the road..." 

- Clint Sample


"Just wanted to pass along my appreciation for your staff during the purchase of our 91 Convertible. Jason Pirkle went out of his way to help me make the decision to buy this car before we even inspected it. It is refreshing dealing with knowledgeable staff who took the time to answer any questions on even an "inexpensive" Corvette. Thanks again and we will certainly pass along our experience with others. "

- Don & Tammy Young, Anniston, AL - 91 Polo Green Convertible


Thanks for the great experience!  Your helpful knowledge of Corvettes made my buying process much easier.  If anyone out there is looking to purchase a Corvette, Jack Gentle and American Sportscar Center are the only choice. Thanks!"

- Steve Agee


"I wanted to write and say what a great experience you made buying my Corvette.  After visiting your site in the winter, I can’t tell you how impressed I was not only by the inventory and facility but by your competent advice and counsel.  Your patience in taking me for a tour of the facility and knowledge of the inventory was very much appreciated. Over the next few months as I checked the site daily, you answered all my questions and at times, being slow to pull the trigger, I missed opportunities to buy.  But you stayed with me and when THE perfect car came along, we were able to make the deal sight unseen.  My wife and I are very happy with the 1995 torch red coupe with only 28,000 miles and it was everything you said it was and more. Even the local police have come up to me to admire the car.  I am always available to be a reference for Jack Gentle as the perfect man to call and deal with for a Corvette purchase. Be assured, I look forward to dealing with Jack for any future purchases. For anyone reading this and wondering how you buy a Corvette over the internet, let me assure you that American Sportscar Center is the real deal.  The facility is top notch, they only stock excellent product and their sales force will give you the good and bad of whatever car you are looking at in full detail.  If you can get there for a visit, great (bring your checkbook and some heart medicine, it is truly impressive).  If not, be assured that their honest approach to selling a product they love will be evident.  They handle the financing and shipment without any issues and will deliver a car that will exceed your expectations. My thanks to all, an honest dealership and people that deliver what they promise." 

- Jim McGoldrick, West Chester, PA


"I have purchased two like-new condition Corvettes from Jack Gentle of ASC during the past year!  The first was a very low mileage '82 Collector Edition.  This was a sight-unseen purchase which was made possible by Jack's competence, diligent hard work, and hours on the phone.  The car was shipped to me, and when it arrived I found that it was even better than Jack's description and the many detailed pictures had indicated.  Due to the low mileage and outstanding condition, I only drive it a few miles about 3 or 4 times a week.  This whetted my appetite for a daily driver Corvette, thus I began searching for a C5 a few months ago.  I identified several good possibilities at  other dealerships and private parties, but I preferred doing business with ASC due to my previous wonderful experience with them!  I called Jack and described what I wanted, and he told me of 3 good possibilities in stock at ASC.  I made the trip to ASC the next day.  Jack met me and took me to the showroom.  My Mom went along for the ride, and Jack presented her with a corsage and candy.  Needless to say, she was impressed.   I found that ASC has the most modern up-to-date facility with, I would estimate, over one hundred Corvettes on hand, from the early '60's to current models.  The showroom is essentially a Corvette museum and it was almost worth the trip just to see it!  The ASC staff, including GM Jimmy Almond, was extremely courteous and helpful.   I purchased a 2004 torch red convertible with 8000 miles at a very good price that I couldn't find anywhere else.  The car appears brand-new, and I am very pleased with it.  Thanks, again, to Jack and ASC for making this happen for me.   For anyone interested in a pre-owned Corvette, whether an older or newer model, I highly recommend that you contact Jack Gentle at ASC.  You won't be disappointed!"

- James Holloway

"Mr. Jack Gentle, 

Just a note to say thank you so much for helping us to find a great car.  Mark and I have lready made a trip in to the mountains and are thoroughly enjoying driving it. Thanks again!"

- Wendy  McCall


"I had reservations about investing in such an expensive automobile. David Ahn, really helped me to see the quick equity potential in following through with a purchase. The vehicle he sold me was every bit as nice as he described it and more. The American Sports Car Center staff really made me feel at home during my recent visit to look the car over and test drive it. I want to thank each of them. Once again my experience couldn't have been better thanks to David Ahn, a true salesman, real gentleman, and good friend."

- New proud Owner of the 1965 Nassau Blue Powerglide Convertible


"Hi Jimmy,  

I wanted to let you know what an asset Jody Wardlaw is to your sales team!  He deserves MANY accolades for his terrific demeanor and sense of humor!!  He helped me in so many ways, to join the rarified air of Vette owners!  Atlanta is a long long way from Montana, and he made it a pleasure to purchase my first Vette.  He seemed to be available 24/7, for endless questions and be able to calm a nervous disorder that showed up at times!! He also arranged a very complicated delivery here "in the middle of nowhere"!!  I have been so happy with this 90 Vette and it is a pleasure to drive!  Again I appreciate all Jody has done for me, he is a first class guy, and I count him as a friend.  I hope I can be in Atlanta someday, and stop in to meet him personally.  Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference.  I'd be glad to talk with anyone unsure of purchasing from your Sports Car Center."

- Dr. Larry D. Erpenbach


"Thank you Jack Gentle for the fine Vette.  Thanks also for the great deal and the service and delivery. My bride and I are enjoying this super vette."

- J. Hardy, Florida


"I would like to thank Joshua for helping me get a real nice Corvette. From day one when Joshua returned my e-mail, he said that this was going to be fun . Joshua never made me feel that I was wasting his time, and he never pressured me when I came to Atlanta to look at the Corvettes, Joshua made me feel welcomed He even offered to Buy me lunch, but in turn I bought us lunch because Joshua felt like a friend instead of a salesman . I am now a proud owner of a 1985 Little Red Corvette . Thank you Joshua."

- Delroy Brinkley, Fort Benning , Ga

"On Saturday, January 6, 2007,  I came to look at the various Corvettes that you had on your lot.  I was thoroughly pleased with the assistance and professionalism that I received from your sales consultant, Jody Wardlaw.  This was the best experience I have ever had in the three years that I have been looking for a corvette.   I want to thank you for staffing your establishment with such a genuine person.  I will definitely return for future corvette purchases."

- Adolfo Garcia, Jr.





"I wanted to let know how much I appreciate your company's integrity and assistance in my recent purchase of a 1967 Corvette.  After we had agreed on a price and the work to be done prior to my purchase, I picked up the car. I hadn't gotten 5 miles from the dealership and had problems. Your salesman, David Ahn, was very responsive and sent a wrecker immediately.  As you recall, you had the car back in your shop 6 different times in 4 weeks at your expense.  This is not a reflection of your service department's lack of competency, but problems with the replacement parts that you were supplied with.  Both you and David kept me up to date on all the progress being made and Jody also helped when needed.  I may have been able to find a Corvette cheaper somewhere else.  Maybe not.  But I'm very sure I wouldn't have found a better place to buy one.  I think people really look for the best value, not cheapest price.  There is no doubt that ASC is the best value.  You gave me a fair price and stood behind what you sold.  That's a great deal, not necessarily the cheapest one.  Thanks for all your help."

- Warren Goodman


"We had a great time at your Corvette facility last Saturday. Everyone from the Classic Glass Corvette Club made comments about how bright and clean the facility was, what a great selection, and of course how everyone was friendly and professional. My hats off to the American Sportscar Center team. You sure know how to show a group of Corvette enthusiast a goodtime!"

- Reggie


"Your salesman, Jody Warlaw, provided me with something I've never experienced in buying a vehicle: A quick and easy purchase. I spoke with him over the phone and he had my  financing approved before I was able to drive from Tennessee the following week to see the car! The car was everything Jody described it as. I was impressed with the condition and appearance of the car the minute I saw it. The car runs beautifully and the trip back to Tennessee was uneventful (except for people staring at the car!). I want to thank Jody for his dedication and professionalism in salesmanship. From the minute I met him, he made me feel welcome and I felt like I've known him for years. I will look forward to purchasing another Vette from Jody. He is truly one of a kind! Thanks for the experience and my '93 40th. Anniversary Vette!" 

- Charles Ford


1993 Corvette


"I just wanted to take a few minutes to share my purchasing experience with you. From the moment I stepped on your Lot, Jason was very attentive. After he found out the year range of the Corvette that I was looking for he started showing me some nice cars. And guiding me to the one that I selected except it needed some changes. He said "let me work with my boss to see if those changes could be accomplished." Thanks to you, and Jason those changes were accepted.  During the negotiations I felt that Jason was representing me and I liked that. In addition, Jason watched over the changes in my absence and when I took delivery the car was immaculate. Thanks for having him there, I look forward to working with him again and thank you for your help in making everything work out for me."

- Edwin B. Kolb


"Jody & Jason,

Just wanted to take a minute and write and Thank You Both again for all the help that you both put in to help me with the purchase of my 1979 Silver Corvette.  I did not know how the attempt would turn out when I started trying to buy a car over the internet, but Jason put up with my phone calls, and Jody was there when my Brother and I drove to Atlanta.  This was the easiest deal on a car that I have ever had.  So Thank You both again, and I hope to see you both again in the future. Thanks"

- K. Kirkland





"I would like to drop a short note to thank Jody for all his help.  Although I bought a Vette somewhere else, Jody was the greatest salesman (Vette enthusiast)  I have dealt with in 30 years.  I was interested in two Vettes and he walked me through both from bumper to bumper; including pictures and numerous phone calls.  If I ever buy another Vette, the first call I'll make is to Jody.  What a professional, informed and personal person to deal with.  Thanks again." 

- Robert Denver 



Thanks for your response.  My husband contacted Jack at your center and is on a plane to Atlanta now to pick up my car.  Jack has been fantastic and has helped my husband get me a wonderful 31st wedding anniversary gift!!  Thanks again"  

- Patricia Nelson


"Recently I purchased a '71 Stingray Corvette from you showroom in Atlanta.  Your sales associate Jody Wardlaw was very helpful and courteous often as a young man at a dealership I am either hounded by salesmen bombarding me with questions before I have a chance to find what I was looking for or am completely ignored.  I found Jody to be a consummate professional he stepped back and was quiet when I was looking but was always their to answer any question I had.  I was very impressed with his vast corvette and general car knowledge.  It may now sound somewhat cliche but Jody truly made the car buying experience a pleasure.  I will most certainly be back sometime in the not so distant future to purchase another vehicle.  Thank you and keep up the good work."

- Sean Wilson


"I would like to thank John Ivankovich....  John was a very honest, helpful and most informative sales man I've meet. I really enjoyed his pleasant attitude and professionalism. Thanks to John he really sold me on buying a Corvette.  The upper management gave me a great buying experience, and even did the little things like giving me a calendar, key chains and telling me about a Corvette show. I would like to say thank you especially to John and the rest of the staff . I'm enjoying looking at my 72 Vette war bonnet yellow in the garage. Its so nice I'm still a little scared to take it out with the traffic and bad Atlanta drivers. I enjoy just looking at my Corvette because its a beautiful demonstration of artwork, its the Monet of the car world. Thanks so much." 

- Mark Darrell Heath



just wanted to drop you a note and say how much we enjoyed our visit to your showroom, and the quality time we spent with David.  He took the time to answer all my questions and never attempted to steer me away from the car we are looking at to another model.  I felt no pressure from him, and that's the way I enjoy purchasing a car.  He is truly an asset to your organization.   I looked forward to doing business with you and David in the very near future. Thanks....."

- Don Holifield 


Thank you to your dealership and especially Jody Wardlaw for the professional low pressure sales experience.  We love our 2003 50th Anniversary Convertible!   Although I was very "worried" about buying a car from so far away, Jody made the experience so very pleasant.  He kept in contact with us regularly and when we got there he made myself and my wife feel as comfortable as if we were visiting his home.  He took care of the details and made the trip well worth the effort.  We both walked away feeling that both side got a fair deal. In today's world it is so rare to find a man whose "word is his bond". Jody is one of those rare men.  I would certainly recommend ASC and most especially Jody to any of my friends or colleagues looking for a Corvette. Thank You!"

- Terrence C. Nies


"I recently purchased a 93 corvette convertible from your sales person Jody.  I researched all over Canada and the USA and I was led to believe by Jody that this particular car was low miles and in excellent condition.  He took pictures of the car as we spoke on the phone and told me exactly what he thought the condition the car was in.  So I bought the car, sight unseen, based on what Jody had told me over the phone and by the pictures he sent me.  The car arrived last week in Canada and I was very nervous about picking it up, wary of the condition that it would be in.  I couldn't believe my eyes. The car was in the condition that Jody had told me it would be, to the letter....It is nice to know that there are some salesman that you can still trust.  I would recommend Jody and your dealership to anyone looking for a Corvette." 

- John Yarnold


"Jason Pirkle and the organization he sells for have provided me with the pleasure of owning a 70 LT-1 that I am truly pleased with. Initiated with a Google search and concluded with the car arriving to the wharf at Wellington New Zealand in unmarked condition is an achievement that all involved can be proud of. There were many e-mails to Jason, all promptly returned,  with questions about the cars condition and authenticity. Finally my inspection on arrival indicated that  Jason had truly been honest about all aspects of the car. Interestingly and very pleasingly the car has turned out to be remarkably original and un-molested. My 13 year old daughter Page took the day off school and was rewarded with to her the honor of a person taking a photo of the car on the motorway as we drove home, which is now top of her list of things to tell her friends of impressive Corvette facts. Not really expecting the original radio to even work and finding that not only it did,  but Jason had also managed to achieve it bursting into live perfectly tuned to our local station. Playing "Cher" is it bring back time? Thanks Jason and ASC, I wish you well."

- Steve Hopcroft, New Zealand



You made the inspection and buying process a pleasure. You were easy to deal with and full of information. You made buying my first Vette a wonderful experience."Thanks again" 

- Mike and Lori Farmer



Just wanted to let you guys know that I made it home just after midnight Sunday morning.  The trip went fine (with my 1974 Silver Convertible).  No problems.  I would have kept the top down the whole way, but met with rain just outside of Nashville.  By the way, the wife loves it too.  It was sunny earlier today so we got to cruise around with the top down and it was really nice.  She met me with Champagne in the garage when I got home so we could toast to the car. Thanks again for all of your help." 

- Marshall N., Indianapolis, IN.

"The car looks so great. Everyone says like new. You guys did a great job. Thanks so much."

- Philip


"Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the Vette we got from you, and wanted to thank you for your kindness and professional help while we were at your location."

- Mike Ricketts


"Knowledgeable sales staff, feels like I'm working with my best friends.  I've purchased several Corvette from American Sportscar Center.  I love just going by to peek at the new goods."

- John Lane


"Thank you very much for my 69' Vette. I live in Houston, Texas and I was skeptical about buying a car over the internet, but the staff at American Sportscar Center made it very easy.  When the car arrived it was everything I hoped for and more."

- Marty Hebert


"I appreciate all the help you gave me with finding my car.  I knew the car I wanted was very rare, but you were able to locate it within a few weeks.  The price was very reasonable too.  Thanks a lot."

- David Webb 


"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the way you handle the sale of my four cars and the way I was treated by all of your staff.  Your company was highly recommended to me and I now understand why.  Your staff were professional, treated me with courtesy and respect, kept me informed and complied with my wishes on the sale of all four of my Corvette.  I would not hesitate to refer anyone to you who wishes to buy or sell a Corvette."

- Cheryl E. Nelson


"It is fantastic to be around so many great Corvette that you had on your lot.  When I went there with my wife, I had no idea that I would find "THE CAR".  My intent was to go and drive a few of the bumper cars that you had in stock so that I would know if I truly wanted a Vette from 68-72.  Everybody  went out of their way to be courteous and extremely helpful and me feel I was the only customer that you had.  You encouraged me not to only look, sit-in, and feel all of your cars, but also to drive any and all that you had.  You were honest and forthright about each of the vehicles that I was interested in and did not lead, steer, or try to hard sell me.  It was a dream- come- true to find the 1968 Corvette Roadster that you had sitting on your lot and I can truly say it is the most beautiful Corvette I have ever seen (I have been looking for over 20 years).  I will always be grateful and will sing you praise to anyone that will listen."

- Tom Williams  


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for not being a "Used car Salesman" during my resent purchase.  In the past, I have always encountered salesmen who were too high pressure.  After speaking to you on your lot for just a few minutes, I knew that there was a highly probability that we could do business.  You patiently showed me every car that interested me without giving the typical "pep" talks.  You let me look until I found one that I wanted to test drive.  After the test drive, you allowed me time to consider the purchase.  I took the car to my mechanic, to verify all of your claims.  Everything that you said was absolutely true.  When I returned it took less than 15 minutes to close the deal.  I sincerely believe that the deal was fair for both parties.  I will gladly give your card to anyone that I know that is looking for a Corvette.  When I am ready for a different Vette, you can be assured that I will visit you 1st and probably last."

- James Stanley  


"Just wanted to thank you and Jim for all your help, I am very happy with the car.  I never bought a car without seeing it, but it was as you described and I am sure I will enjoy it for many years. Thank you for the service and if I am looking for another car or know of someone who wants a car I will certainly give you and your company a call."

- Joe Singlenton


"Just a note  in reference to my recent purchase.  I am really enjoying the yellow Corvette I bought from your dealership.  It has proved to be an excellent purchase, and I wanted you to know how I felt.  Also, I wish to thank both of you for your after purchase efforts.  You were very helpful and every-thing went smoothly, from the first initial meeting, through my enjoyment now!  Everyone including your support people were top notch, and I couldn't ask for more."

- Chuck Home 


"This car is everything and more than what we had seen on the website.  We were afraid of purchasing over the web, but it turned out to be a pleasant experience and very convenient for your dealership to have specialized financing needed to make the purchase.  I have owned two (2) Vette's in the past, but this is Bob's first and he is so excited, which makes it all the more enjoyable for me.  We have had several years of caring for family members, now its our turn and we can't wait!!  If we are fortunate enough to purchase another Vette we will be coming back to American Sportscar Center."

- Andrea Maggard


"Thank you for your great service.  It was a pleasure to deal with you."

- Richard Brown


"I love my Vette.  It drives and looks awesome.  All my friends are envious.   Also, I wanted to thank everybody for making this purchase such an enjoyable one.  It was the easiest, hassle free auto purchase I ever made, and conducted with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.  I am very impressed with the way you  conduct business and will not hesitate to recommend your company to everyone I know.  Again, thank you for everything and good driving to you."

- Walter Baer


"Just a short note to say how pleased I am wit the recent purchase of my 1999 Vette. All of the folks at your dealership were extremely helpful. Todd was great to work with, I have given his name to several people already. Thanks, for a good buying experience."

- Jack Ray


"I would like to thank the owner of American Sportscar Center Jimmy Almond and his salesman Jason Clark.  On fathers day, their was a miss understanding about the car lot being open.  After driving 3.5 hrs, when I got there the lot was closed.  I called Mr. Almond at his home.  He told me he was sorry and asked me if I could wait.  He started calling his sales people and Jason dropped everything and came down.  He showed me around and did not pressure me about any of the cars I looked at.  To make a long story short, I was so pleased with their service that I bought a 93' Vette that day.  I was looking at several different places, but it was their professional service and friendliness that made up my mind.  I would recommend them to anyone."

- Jim Dodd


"I love the Vette!! This is the nicest cat that I have ever owned!  I have had so many positive comments by people about what a great car it is.  I wanted to express my thanks to you.  Jody, you are the best sales person that I have ever had the pleasure of working with!!  You made the whole process so comfortable. I hope and I'm sure that your boss appreciates you, I know Debbie and I do!!  Best wishes to you."

- Mike Gray


"On March 31, 2005 I purchased a 1970 Corvette from your representative Jack Gentle. I had stopped by your showroom a few weeks before as I had browsed your web site. Jack greeted me and led me to your back garage and through your back lot to browse to my heart’s content among the Vettes. I did ask Jack if he was St. Peter as I think I had died and gone to Corvette heaven. Jack did not try to pressure me, just the opposite. He allowed me to drive any Corvette I showed an interest in and unlike any other used car salesman in the world pointed out flaws and reasons I should consider certain vehicles as I had told him I am a driver not a mechanic. My Corvette is everything I had hoped it would be and more and driving it back the 225 miles to our home in Tennessee was great. I am looking forward to wonderful weekend drives plus the 3 day C-3 Corvette home coming in October at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Ky. Thanks again to all of your employees for the courtesy they showed myself and to my wife."

- Bruce A. Walters



I wanted to take a moment and thank you.  Dealing with you and American  Sportscar center Inc. has been the single most enjoyable car buying experience I have  had....and not just because you have a great product and inventory.  You answered all my questions directly, were knowledgeable and courteous and obviously have a great deal of enthusiasm for your work. I'm sure my '77 will be a great advertisement for you and you can be sure I will pass along your names well as the great experience I have had."

- Bryan S. Loucks


"Jimmy Almond the General Manager is an “Ole Corporate Road Warrior” that grew tired of the hassles of Corporate America and traveling.  Therefore, he made a decision to begin doing something he loves to do - Buying and Selling Corvette.  As a result of his decision and a recommendation of a close friend (71 Vette Owner) who purchased a car from ASC, Kathryn and I are the proud parents of a 22,000 mile, one owner Corvette that we purchased from ASC.  The day we visited Jimmy, it was near closing time on Sunday and he showed us every car on his property.  On Valentine’s Day, we purchased a 1993 40th Anniversary Black Convertible with Black Leather Interior (Black on Black on Black) and Jimmy located a black hardtop to complete this incredible package.  He also changed tires and wheels for a reasonable price to compliment this car and it is a dream that has finally come true for me.  At age 57, I am able to own a car model (Corvette) that I have admired since 1960.  Jimmy was most patient with me.  He and my wonderful wife held my hand thru this scary purchase because I have always been extremely conservative and would not buy anything for myself.  My wife is the Vette expert and Jimmy treated her with dignity throughout this process and never once ignored her comments or questions.  Too, Jimmy went the additional mile and helped us obtain a Wynn’s Warranty for 36 months or 36,000 additional miles on a 13 year old car.  In our opinion, the staff at ASC are very professional, personable, fun loving and genuinely proud for you when you complete your dream.  You see, they love Corvette, too. OH YES, we thought this was it, but Jimmy needed to make some adjustments and install the hard top on our car so we left it with him for a few weeks.  Upon our return to pick up the car, we browsed the lot to see what was  there.  After Jimmy and his patient staff moved multiple cars (10) for us to view and drive, Kathryn made a decision to purchase her fourth Corvette.  She now has a 2000 Pewter Corvette with Black Leather Interior with a Black Rag Top and 26,000 miles.  This car will fly!  Once again, Jimmy and his staff performed as they did with the first car.  We can honestly say that ASC is the place to purchase your next Corvette if you are looking for a professional and knowledgeable staff, a quality automobile for a reasonable price and service AFTER the sale. In closing, it was an awesome experience to buy our dreams from a man who has become our personal friend.  Mid-life crisis; I don’t think so, but it is a completion of a long term goal and dream.  Thanks Jimmy and ASC Staff for making our dream a reality! Regards as You seek to find Your Dream Corvette."

- Kathryn and Skip T.


"You've got a great employee with Jody Wardlaw.  While I bought a 1967 Corvette from someone else, maybe I should have bought one from you, with Jody.  He went way out of his way, calling me here at the office, at home and on my cell phone, trying to keep me informed about cars that he knew I would be interested in.  Even after I bought the car elsewhere, he followed up, calling me at home and offering help with parts, restoration, etc.  Although I have never met Jody, I have certainly enjoyed speaking with him and have appreciated all of his help.  He is a real asset to your dealership.  He has such a positive attitude that you just have to like him, and I expect to do business with him and you in the future.  Thanks for all your help."

- Van Taylor



We just wanted to say thank you for affirming that it is possible to do business over the internet with a dealer that has the customer's best interest at heart.  As you know I was quite skeptical initially, feeling as though I was making a blind purchase.  I want to say I was very pleased to find the car was exactly as you described after driving 1000 miles on your word!  It was a joy to drive home and 31 mpg was an added bonus!" 

- Chris Snyder, NY


"Yeeesssssssss!!!! I just received my Vette Friday!!!  The car is very nice, and runs perfectly. Here on French roads, it seems an alien directly landing from Mars! People are just crazy when they see and hear it (beautiful sound!!)! I am so happy Jody, it's a child dream became true!"

- Lionel Aubert



Just a note to let you know how pleased Fannie Mae and I are with the car.  Buying it was a great experience and entertaining what with Jody's skydiving video. We will give your card to anyone that is looking for Vette."

- Gary&Mae Van Hooser


"I have been looking on your website for my dream car for many months; in fact it started while I was deployed to Iraq earlier this year. Once I returned to Fort Hood in Texas I began to contact Jody Wardlaw, he has been a tremendous help and has answered all of my questions. Two weekends ago I purchased the Bronze 1968 Corvette Convertible and it has been a joy since. Mr. Wardlaw was a great help and I went with confidence knowing that I would get excellent service and a great deal. Thank you so much for providing a dream for Corvette lovers. I can not wait till the 2008 model comes out so I can go back to Jody and purchase that model year, and then I guess I have to wait till 2048 to keep the trend going. Again, thank you so much for the great service and time."

- V/R Mario C., Cataula, Ga



I love my 2002 Yellow Vette.  I enjoyed my experience at American Sportscar, and all of the staff there is very polite and helpful." 

- Ken Lee



Thanks for the pleasant experience in completing our Corvette trade. I'm glad to hear you were able to sell my '73 - as I really enjoy my bright red '85.I really appreciate your attention to detail in answering my questions, your product knowledge and your professionalism.  When we finished the paperwork, normally a hand shake and "see ya later" would finalize the deal.  However I was very impressed with the walk-through of the vehicle inspection and our Q&A session. But more important, I was impressed with your and the dealership's integrity to stand by a deal made.  It is evident you enjoy your work, know the value of a satisfied customer and repeat business. I will be back." 

- Ken


"Jody and the Crew at ASC,

Just wanted to send a little note telling you how pleased Martha and I have been with the purchase of the '95 Aqua Convertible!  Ecstatic doesn't even come close to describing the feeling when we are behind the wheel of that car!  Jody, I have purchased many cars in my life, but you actually made the purchase of our new Corvette a joy (something I cannot say with the purchase of MANY of the others!). You were very professional with the transaction, all the while keeping a light-hearted approach to the deal. We couldn't be more pleased!  Thank you for all your help. We will DEFINITELY be sending you some business, as well as being "repeat offenders" ourselves, LOL! I can't wait until my NEXT purchase! Thanks SO MUCH, again!"

- Steve and Martha Dunbar

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